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:::You slip your heart into my chest::: [entries|friends|calendar]
Ana k

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[ mood | Showers make me tired.. ]

Tyler is moving down here soon...
Tyler is a cute boy..who I like =]

Tyler=Kid in the blue

title or description

title or description

Emery and me are friends..again..I guess. We hung out earlier this week and got along and it wasnt awkward. Hooray. We might go to the beach together on Sunday and watch the sunset. I hope its not romantic..because romantic doesnt work with Emery and me

I'm enjoying summer...partially because nothing is really a routine. Minus work..thats kind of getting annoying but I get paid so what the hell.

Summer goals:
-Have fun
-Save money
-Spend time with friends(!!)
-Slumber party with Stephanie=]
-Go out with Tyler=]]

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[ mood | waiting for nick+work time ]

This week, I learned that I suck at "catching up" with people

I♥having my own car

Ana k
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I'm afraid of forgetting the people in my life

I'm afraid to grow up and forget about the times I'm crazy about right now
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I love you guys [Tue
Yassine: I think all of your love and prayers. should be going out to two people who really need it. I dont care who you are. I dont care what religion what race. I frankly dont give a shit. Those two people are Trevor Christeson and Chelsea Vance. I dont care if you make this a chain letter. or i dont give a shit. but those people need to know that theres people out there that care about them. If you love them. Repost this. so everyone knows.
All three of us. got into a car accident. I made it out with five stitches. so im okay. but the other two arent. Trevor lost his ear. and has staples and stitches everywhere. hes okay though. Hes at his house. and if you know where that is. come visit him. and Chelsea. is at bayside or w/e and i havent spoken to her yet. but i know she broke her pelvis in two different places. and she cant walk for a couplle of weeks. so show some love. or something.

If you know and love either of these kids. repost this. show some love. please.
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Guess wat? [Wed
Friends only

Friends only..comment to be added

-Ana k
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